Homeworker connectivity


Work from Home, Worry-Free with Integra SD-WAN

Experience stress-free remote work with fibre-like speeds, no matter where you live.

Moving to a Fibre-less Property?

Discovering your new home lacks adequate internet speeds?

Family Streaming Eating Your Bandwidth?

Important calls buffering due to household internet demand?

Struggling with Large File Uploads?

Frequent dropouts disrupting your crucial document uploads?

Bypass Openreach with Integra

Integra delivers independent connectivity, installed at your home by our engineers in under 14 days.

Internet for homeworkers
Too far from the BT exchange

Too far from the Exchange? No Problem

Experience fibre-like speeds without the need for copper or fibre. No more waiting for the fibre rollout.

Full WiFi Coverage, Everywhere

From your main property to outbuildings, we ensure a strong connection everywhere. Let us handle your connectivity needs.

Rural connectivity
Homeworker wifi solutions
Homeworker wifi solutions
Homeworker wifi solutions

A Complete Network Solution

We provide more than just connectivity. Our end-to-end solution includes WiFi installation, ensuring you're up and running quickly and smoothly.

Quick Installation

Full Network Setup

Dedicated UK Support


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Integra SD-WAN

Superior internet with our unique SD-WAN service. Ideal for enhancing rural connectivity.

Home WiFi

Experience seamless, high-speed home WiFi solutions. Ideal for remote workers demanding reliable connectivity.

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