Rural connectivity for air bnbs


Revolutionize Your Airbnb Experience with Integra.

Maximize bookings and reviews with unparalleled, reliable, and speedy internet connectivity, regardless of location.

Sluggish Internet Deterring Potential Bookings?

Don't lose guests due to slow internet. Speed matters in a connected world.

WiFi Dead Zones Irritating Guests?

Ensure complete WiFi coverage across your property, eliminating frustrating connection drops.

Bad Reviews Due to Poor Internet?

Enhance guest satisfaction and your Airbnb rating with seamless internet connectivity.

Boost Your Airbnb with Integra's High-Speed Internet

Experience 99% UK coverage with our speedy Integra SD-WAN, regardless of location. Watch your bookings increase with our guaranteed fast connectivity, delivered in under 14 days.

Guest Wifi for glamping
Internet for glamping pods

Circumvent the Need for Costly Leased Lines

Our robust wireless network delivery ensures fast connectivity, even in rural areas, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Multiple buildings? We've got you covered with radio links between units.

Ultrafast Connectivity Delivered in days

Boost your occupancy rates and reviews by offering super fast internet. Enhance guest experience with our quick, reliable, and high-speed connectivity.

Air bnb reviews for good internet
Conference calls for air bnbs
Conference calls for air bnbs
Conference calls for air bnbs

Enjoy Uninterrupted Virtual Meetings at Your Airbnb

Guarantee your guests the comfort of seamless Microsoft Teams calls, enabling them to stay connected while enjoying your property.

Ultra-fast, Reliable Internet Connection

Coverage Across Entire Property

Expert Network Troubleshooting and Support

Improved Occupancy and Ratings

By providing high-speed, reliable internet, watch your Airbnb ratings soar and enjoy higher occupancy rates due to improved guest experience.

Zero Hassle Network Management

With Integra managing your network, never stress about troubleshooting issues. Our dedicated team is ready to help, giving you peace of mind.


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Integra SD-WAN

Superior internet with our unique SD-WAN service. Ideal for enhancing rural connectivity.

Home WiFi

Experience seamless, high-speed home WiFi solutions. Ideal for remote workers demanding reliable connectivity.

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