Construction Site WiFi

Construction Sites

Empowering Construction Projects with High-Speed Connectivity

Next-gen connectivity solutions, specifically designed for construction landscapes.

Relocating Internet Setup - A Nightmare?

Worried about the complexity of shifting internet setups from one site to the next?

Frustrated with Inflexible ISPs?

Tired of traditional ISPs and their inflexible contracts, unsatisfactory support?

Struggling with Internet Speed?

Lagging internet slowing progress? Make file transfers and communication effortless.

Rapid Connectivity, Swift Delivery

Experience lightning-fast connectivity without the wait. With Integra, you bypass the delays and complications of fibre and Openreach. We deliver not just swift connectivity, but also a secure wireless network on-site, all set up and ready to go in just a few days.

Internet for Construction
Connectivity for construction sites

Uninterrupted Support

Enjoy our exceptional UK-based support. Our dedicated team is always ready to promptly resolve any issues, ensuring your connectivity needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Effortless Moves with Unbroken Connectivity

Integra offers seamless infrastructure relocation for comprehensive indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi for larger sites, where full coverage with no downtime is a requirement, not a luxury

mobile connectivity for construction
sdwan for construction site internet
sdwan for construction site internet
sdwan for construction site internet

Experience Fibre-Like Speeds for your Construction Sites

Enjoy fibre-like speeds without the wait time or excessive construction charges. We offer flexible monthly agreements tailored to your needs.

Secure for Sensitive File Sharing

Rapid Deployment in Days

Availability of Static IP for Security and Monitoring Requirements


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Integra SD-WAN

Superior internet with our unique SD-WAN service. Ideal for enhancing rural connectivity.

Business WiFi

Boost your operations with our high-speed, secure Business WiFi solutions. Tailored for reliability, performance, and uninterrupted connectivity.

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