Business Park Connectivity

Business Parks

Empowering Rural Business Parks with High-Speed Connectivity

Experience seamless internet access with Integra’s innovative solutions. Say goodbye to high construction charges and slow internet speeds.

High Fibre Costs Limiting Your Development?

Excessive construction charges hindering fibre delivery? Let Integra transform your connectivity without breaking your budget.

Navigating Connectivity Solutions Overwhelming?

Unsure of the right connectivity strategy? Integra simplifies the process, making it easy to meet tenant demands.

Poor Internet Speeds Upsetting Your Tenants?

Slow connectivity can disappoint tenants. Integra boosts speed and reliability, ensuring tenant satisfaction.

Affordable Fibre Access Solutions

Partner with Integra to bring fibre into your development without astronomical excess construction charges. We ensure cost-effectiveness in 90% of cases.

Fibre for business parks
Fibre internet for offices

Outperform Competitors, Attract Tenants

With Integra, bring your park online quickly. Our diverse solutions, including Fibre, Microwave links, and bonded SD-WAN to ensure rapid connectivity.

Comprehensive Network Solutions

We offer full network infrastructure for your development, guaranteeing dedicated connectivity to each tenant's unit and robust public network coverage.

Outdoor wifi for business parks
Connectivity for business parks
Connectivity for business parks
Connectivity for business parks

Seamless Managed Connectivity for Your Development

Integra provides comprehensive connectivity management, ensuring your tenants enjoy swift online access and continuous support throughout their tenancy.

Immediate Online Access for Tenants

Enhanced Tenant Satisfaction for Optimal Occupancy Rates

Professional Network Troubleshooting and Support

Flexible Commercial Structures for Cost-Effective Connectivity

We devise cost-effective strategies to deliver seamless connectivity to your tenants, ensuring quality service without straining your budget.

Expertise in Providing Connectivity to Challenging Locations

Our specialty lies in delivering robust connectivity to locations where traditional providers, like Openreach, may impose prohibitively high construction charges. Let's explore the possibilities together.


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Fibre Enabled Buildings

Future-proof your business park with our pre-connected hyperfast internet. Custom system designs and flexible contracts for immediate connectivity.

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