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Glamping Goes Digital: Little Quarry's Internet Revolution

Integra's SD-WAN service brought high-speed internet to the heart of Little Quarry Glamping, enhancing the tranquil retreat.


Little Quarry Glamping


Goudhurst | Kent


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Little Quarry Glamping offers luxury, adults-only pods on a 13-acre farm in Goudhurst, providing a private, stylish retreat for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts year-round

Welcoming Comfort Amidst Wilderness:

Little Quarry Glamping, a luxury glamping destination nestled in the tranquil Weald of Kent, offers guests an immersive escape into nature without compromising on comfort.

Despite their idyllic location and well-equipped pods, they faced a significant hurdle - the lack of reliable internet connectivity. This limitation threatened to tarnish the charm of their retreat, as the modern traveller views high-speed internet as a necessity, not a luxury.

Fast Internet: A Luxury Not to Be Spared: 

The rural setting of Little Quarry Glamping presented a unique challenge. Traditional broadband infrastructure was inadequate, delivering only a few Mbps, insufficient for guests' needs.

The owner, Nick Parr, feared this digital deficit could detract from their luxury glamping experience, potentially affecting bookings and customer satisfaction.

"Integra's solution revolutionised our connectivity, enhancing our guest experience and exceeding our expectations."
"Integra's solution revolutionised our connectivity, enhancing our guest experience and exceeding our expectations."
Nick Parr, Owner, Little Quarry Glamping.
Nick Parr, Owner, Little Quarry Glamping.

The Wi-Fi Win: Integra's Internet Intervention for Little Quarry

Recognizing the challenge, Integra Networks stepped in with their specialized SD-WAN service. Leveraging local mobile network transmitters, they created a high-speed, bonded 4G connection. The team conducted an in-depth site survey, identified the best networks, and found the optimal transmitter location, preserving the farm's aesthetic appeal.

Within two weeks, Integra had installed the antennas, routers, and switches. After integrating these with the existing infrastructure and conducting thorough testing, the solution achieved download speeds close to 200mbps.

This digital transformation exceeded the demands of tech-savvy guests, ensuring Little Quarry Glamping remains an attractive destination throughout the year.

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